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Blue Bird Nest Box Program

In 2010, Edith & Bob Wilson spearheaded our Bluebird nest box project at Connetquot River State Park Preserve.  Since then, we’ve added a new dimension to the project by installing a Birdcam on one of the active nest boxes.  The Birdcam is mounted outside of the nest box, thereby keeping the disturbance of the nesting adults to a minimum. Unfortunately, we don’t have any nesting Bluebirds although there is one box that may be showing signs of Bluebird activity.  Seven nest boxes have active Tree Swallow nests complete with eggs.  It is one of these boxes that we chose as a test for the Birdcam.

Opportunities for nest box monitor training are still available. Join the existing team to learn the protocols for safely opening the boxes, identifying the nesting species, and counting eggs and nestlings. Experience the joy of watching a Bluebird develop from an egg to nestling to fledgling! Please call us at 631-563-7716 for more information or to sign up for the training.

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