Blue Bird Nest Box April Update

Apr 30, 2012 | Blue Bird Nest Box Program

The 2012 Bluebird/Tree Swallow Nest Box season is well under way.  Three boxes are occupied by Bluebirds, who have been busy laying their eggs.  Several other boxes have completed Tree Swallow nests. We have installed our Birdcam at one of the Bluebird nests boxes. We’ll have to play with the camera’s position to try to get better lighting but the preliminary photos aren’t too bad.  Stay tuned for future nest box updates!

Photos courtesy of Judy Davis and Laura Eppig – Click image to enlarge

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Dinner Update

Dinner Update

We had great hopes to have a fun dinner, but people’s comfort levels are really not where they need to be in order for us to meet and have a successful dinner.

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