The Fran File Award

by | Sep 10, 2020 | The Sandpiper

Each year at our annual dinner, we give someone the Fran File Award. Many of us never had the opportunity to meet Fran and really understand what a remarkable person Fran was. I have read in our archives about Fran and everyone I have spoken to that knew her speaks with a gleam in their eye about her. I can tell that I missed meeting a really special person. In the words of Fran’s very good friend, Astrid Otero, “Fran was everybody’s friend and benefactor, always willing to undertake even more tasks and problems than she was handling already. Never saying no to help out, she was a backbone of GSBAS for many years, contributing with her never ending energy and expertise. People like Fran are not easy to find; she was very special.” When Fran passed away in 1990, Great South Bay Audubon honored her memory by having a bench built at Bayard Cutting Arboretum.

Her very good friend, Arthur Singer, a world renown bird artist, donated several signed prints as a fund raiser and the Fran File Award was born. Very recently, Astrid contacted us to let us know that the bench at the arboretum has fallen under disrepair and the dedication plaque has disappeared. She suggested that it is only fitting to repair the bench and replace the plaque. Great South Bay Audubon Society is not just steward of Brookside County Park or of the environment.

We are also stewards of our history and the very soul of what goes into organizations such as this. Part of that is keeping remembrance of those who have forged the way for us. We will assess the damage and obtain estimates for repairs, keeping you informed as to the next steps. I hope that you will consider this a worthy project.

Solitude and Memories, a poem written by Astrid Otero in memory of Fran File.
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Dinner Update

Dinner Update

We had great hopes to have a fun dinner, but people’s comfort levels are really not where they need to be in order for us to meet and have a successful dinner.

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