Screech Owls

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Featured, The Sandpiper

This pair of Eastern Screech-Owls (megascops asio) have been observed in my yard since May 15, 2020. It is very exciting to have an owl pair for neighbors. Their presence has been noted earlier due to the pellets and droppings found at their favorite roosting spots. These birds are cavity nesters. They nest in natural tree hollows or those tree-holes abandoned by woodpeckers. Dead trees, called snags, are an ideal habitat.

These owls have been observed both mid-morning and at dusk, independently, perched in a nearby maple tree. At mid-morning, blue jays are often circling and cawing within close proximity of the owl, raising alarm of the predators presence.

The owl remains very silent and very still. At dusk, the singular owl will noiselessly swoop from a tree limb into the darkness, with their soft whinnies and trills easily identified. Enjoy the beauty of dead trees as they are significant habitat for many creatures. You, too, may find a nesting owl pair in a nearby snag.

Photo credit: Janet Gremli

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