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Feb 5, 2024 | Blog, The Sandpiper

Hello, my little birding friends!  Hope this newsletter finds you all well and hope you enjoyed the holidays and got a lot of nice presents!! I can’t believe how warm it was in December.  I saw people wearing shorts, t-shirts and flop flops! We’ll see how January goes.  I’m sure the weather messed up a lot of birds with migrating, even though I’ve seen robins in the winter before. One winter they came by and ate all the berries on my big holly tree! Hasn’t happened yet this year.  I hope you’re out looking for the winter ducks. I’ve seen some hooded mergansers in the canal. They are such beautiful ducks.

So, how do you like the new newsletter?  It has gone digital!! You can also get it by mail if you don’t use or have a computer. We will not be having a meeting this month but will continue next month. We usually take off for January.

As you know we have ring cameras at Brookside County Park. It rings on my phone all the time!  So many people go there with their dogs, themselves, or their kids for a walk in the woods.  There’s even an elderly woman who comes with her shopping bags and sits on the deck watching the birds at the feeders or by the pond. I’ve even seen turkeys and deer on the cameras. I haven’t seen too many of our darling highschoolers though, so that’s good. And the park police drop by at different times of the day and night too. It’s such a great place.

I wish the old main house was still there for us to see.  We have pictures of it in the cottage and it looks really nice with the Green’s in their suits, dresses and hats and in little row boats on the pond.  Isaac Green was the one who owned the property.  Now the County does. Isaac Green designed many houses on the South Shore in Sayville, Oakdale and other towns during the turn of the last century including Meadowcroft and houses for the Vanderbilts, the Bournes and the Cuttings.  Must have been nice!!!  Wonder if they had birdfeeders!!

Well folks, I hope you enjoy the new newsletter!

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Hello, my little birding friends! Hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the birds. The winter birds and ducks have left, and the spring and summer ones are arriving. Some are just passing by, and some will stay.

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