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Oct 10, 2023 | The Sandpiper

Hello my little birding friends! Hope you are all well and enjoying the birds. I’ve had a nice mixture this summer. I know people say you don’t have to feed the birds in the summer but I do. I also have a few bird baths that I fill with water and make sure I clean them before I put new water in. We still have Mal, the mixed white and male Mallard Duck swimming around. He was kind of lost when the Mallards were having their babies. Supposedly his mate/friend, the white duck, isn’t dead but in a nature center someplace. I’m sure he misses her. 

Our bird walks will be coming up soon and listed in this newsletter. Hope you can make it. Our leaders are great and very knowledgeable. We’ve also had some great photos from our members. They are so dedicated to picture taking!! We’re planning a new garden at Brookside County Park. Karen Andres has designed it. It’s going to be beautiful. Christina, from the county parks department has approved it, as it has to be native to the area. There hasn’t been too much vandalism lately although they have been littering and sometimes spray painting trees. I just don’t get it. We never did that as teenagers. We just hung around smoking pot and drinking beer!! We never vandalized anything. 

There’s also a lot of people going to the park. We will be having our monthly meetings with speakers at Seatuck Environmental Center again starting in September. I’ll also start the painting classes up again this fall. Davis Park, Fire Island, will be having their Annual Art Show September 3rd which I am painting for. It was started by artist Walter Desel, an artist and a Davis Park beach house owner, probably back in the 60’s. 

It would be held on the boardwalk by his house and got to be so big the church started having it. It’s gotten away from artists, and more craft things. One person paints on horseshoe crabs! Practically everyone who owns a beach house and a lot who don’t, own a Desel painting! 

Well, enjoy the fall with the next group of birds coming around. Hope to see you at the bird walks and meetings. We have some good speakers coming up. Happy birding!!!

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