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Aug 30, 2023 | The Sandpiper


Think of your garden as a feeding station and safe haven for bees, birds and other wildlife, with flowers, berries, seed heads, etc – A Bee proverb

For many years we have had a pollinator garden at Brookside County Park. Over the last several years it has suffered some abuse at the hands of our local vandals who have destroyed the fence, forced us to remove the bird bath and wrecked the arbor and Trumpet vine. Neglect has also gotten its way as volunteers have dwindled.

In July we had a garden work day to begin to revitalize the garden, get rid of weeds and over grown plants and to make a decision as to whether or not the garden should be moved to a sunnier space.

Several people came to help, which was just wonderful! Thank you so much! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t catch everyone’s name and don’t want to offend anyone by omission. 

That day I met Karen Andres, having recently completed her Master Gardener. Karen has offered to fill the open position of garden coordinator. She spent a good amount of time researching and designing a wonderful garden that will incorporate the existing garden and the new sunnier location garden spot that we chose, with native, deer resistant plants. 

Karen is working with Suffolk County Parks to develop a garden comprised of Long Island native plants, in compliance with the County’s initiative. We are so excited to have Karen as a team member. 

Karen will to be developing a team of volunteers to share their love of gardening and create an exciting living space for a higher purpose. If you are interested in being part of the team, please email Karen at

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