Audubon Aims to Reduce Poisoning of Eagles

Jun 28, 2023 | The Sandpiper

Legislation has been introduced in Albany that would make a modest start in removing the threat of lead poisoning to birds and other scavengers, and to humans. Assembly bill A2084 would prohibit the use of lead ammunition on state-owned land and on land contributing surface water to the New York City water supply. Both the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Health have failed to address this issue, so it is dear that the Legislature needs to take action. 

What can you do? Contact your State Senator and Assembly member and ask them to support legislation to protect Eagles and humans from lead ammunition (To find your state legislators, visit Point out that our state was responsible for one of the greatest conservation stories with the successful reintroduction of Bald Eagles. It is unacceptable that large numbers of these iconic birds are now unnecessarily being poisoned. 

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May Newsletter

Hello, my little birding friends! Hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the birds. The winter birds and ducks have left, and the spring and summer ones are arriving. Some are just passing by, and some will stay.

May Newsletter

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