Tuesday’s Bird Walk and the Return of Bird Feeders

Sep 24, 2021 | Nature Walks

A beautiful first day of fall walk in a beautiful location. The Oceanside MNSA is always a very nice walk and only gets better with the variety of wading birds to be seen there. We had Great and Snowy Egrets, Little Blue and Little Green Herons and one Yellow crowned Night Heron. Add a variety of shorebirds and it was a very enjoyable morning.

We followed up with a trip to Jones Beach West End to check on shore birds on the bar and saw a flock of American Oystercatchers.

Bird Feeders Return!

We can put our bird feeders back up!!!  Clean feeders and bird baths regularly.  Moldy seed can spread a deadly disease called aspergilolsis, which can affect the birds respiratory systems. Tube feeders can spread conjunctivitis that can blind finches and causes a lingering death. Clean feeders with 1 to 9 parts bleach or hot soapy water and a strong brush. Don’t forget to clean you bird baths too!  Happy birding!!


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