Suffolk Farm and Education Center Recap

Nov 17, 2021 | Nature Walks

Seven field trip participants were treated to a beautiful autumn morning at Suffolk Farm and Education Center. In three hours we covered a good chunk of the property, concentrating on the north-south windbreak/hedge, sunflower and corn fields, and the animal enclosures.

Bird highlights included a brief appearance by a late Blue Grosbeak (which popped up to the top of a corn stalk), and two Rusty Blackbirds among a large flock Red-winged Blackbirds. Other notable birds included four species of raptor (kestrel, peregrine falcon, and Cooper’s and Red-tailed hawks), a Common Raven, a White-crowned Sparrow and two Palm Warblers.

Some hoped-for species such as Eastern Meadowlark and American Pipit eluded us, but overall it was a morning well spent. 

– John Gluth

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