GSBAS Annual Dinner: Huge Success!

May 5, 2022 | Featured, The Sandpiper

The weather was slightly rainy and cold and most of our fine feathered friends were nestled in, but our friends at the Great South Bay Audubon Society were flocking together at the Annual Dinner in Bay Shore. We all convened at Captain Bill’s Restaurant on the water for sumptuous fine food, fellowship, sharing, learning, and lots of fun as we reconnected after two years without an in-person dinner. 

It was an enjoyable evening of amazing door prize give-a-ways, and awesome raffles, including a Steven D’Amato original bird painting. The raffles made everyone feel like a winner. The festivities kicked-off with a great interactive centerpiece game that Annette shared with us about a true bird story. Each guest at every table became part of the game as we handed our table’s stuffed bird to one another, passing left or right depending on the direction in the story being told. All ended with a lucky winner at each table claiming the prize!

A highlight of the evening was learning about River Otters, as the famous Wildlife Biologist Mike Bottini shared a presentation about his study and the recolonization of the otters to Long Island. It was interesting to learn about sightings, roadkill reports, accidental trappings, and other historical data dating back to 1983 covering over 150 potential otters sites on Long Island.

Everyone left feeling better informed, happy, and more connected with each other as our flock came together to reconvene as part of the Audubon Society. Stay tuned for more exciting events, walks, and get-togethers as the season unfolds into summer and fall!

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