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We received a letter from Erin McGrath, policy manager from Audubon New York, about the Birds and Bees Protection Act, that had officially been signed into law by Governor Hochul. They thanked us for our dedication to this issue.

The use of pesticides is a toxic threat that is endangering the health of birds, people and other wildlife. Chemically related to nicotine, they are commonly applied as seed treatments to corn, soy and wheat crops. They are aimed at pests but impact birds and other pollinators. they can prevent songbirds from orienting themselves for migration. So glad it passed!

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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Hello, my little birding friends! Hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the birds. The winter birds and ducks have left, and the spring and summer ones are arriving. Some are just passing by, and some will stay.

May Newsletter

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One day in December of 2016 I was sitting in my car in a McDonald’s parking lot in Islip eating French fries and there was a gull sitting on the hood of my car looking at me through the windshield.