Montauk Field Trip Recap

Jan 31, 2024 | Blog, Nature Walks

Weather for the chapter’s Montauk field trip on January 6th was not only relatively benign (around 40°, cloudy skies but no precipitation, and a light easterly wind), but actually advantageous for spotting water birds from the various seaside vantages around The Point. Much to the liking of the small but enthusiastic group of participants that made the drive out east.

The trip began at the traditional spot, the north overlook at Montauk Point State Park. Birds were present in modest numbers and widely scattered, but species diversity was quite good. All the expected diving ducks were observed either resting on the water or flying to and fro, as were Razorbills. Loons (Common and Red-throated), gannets, grebes and gulls filled out the avian gathering.

Next, we made an impromptu stop at Deep Hollow Ranch to sift through the Canada Goose flock for something unexpected, then proceeded to the east side of Montauk Harbor inlet, which is usually reliable for Great Cormorant. This year was especially productive, with 5 birds present. But they were eclipsed by a much rarer find – a Black-headed Gull – which was seen well by all as it foraged close to shore near the east jetty.

From there we went to several other tried and true locations we usually visit on this trip, seeing a few more highlights such as Common Goldeneye, Red-necked Grebe, and Bonaparte’s Gull. It wasn’t the most productive day by past Montauk trip standards, but it was still an enjoyable start to a new year with the birds. – John Gluth

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